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Practice Readiness

Considerations to prepare your practice for gene therapy

With multiple gene therapy clinical trials for hemophilia B in later stages of review, it’s time to start thinking about gene therapy and your practice.

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Considerations for Practice
Site Readiness

Whether your institution is ready to administer, or willing to refer, preparing the comprehensive care team within your practice for gene therapy is important for your patients.

Considerations might include site readiness and required staff training to support the business and administrative needs of a new treatment option.

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Starting Patient

Each gene therapy under investigation has unique limitations that need to be understood. Potential eligibility requirements to consider with your hemophilia B patients may include comorbidities, factor inhibitors, and the presence of potential neutralizing antibodies (NAbs) to AAV.

Employing a shared decision-making approach will help people with hemophilia B make the right treatment decisions. It will be important to set expectations with your patients about their eligibility for and risks of gene therapy. You should also inform patients gene therapy will require a period of monitoring their health and making lifestyle adjustments.

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